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Cricket national team of the United Arab Emirates

Cricket national team of the United Arab Emirates


Cricket national team of the United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates cricket team represents the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in international cricket matches. In 1989, the team was accepted as an Affiliate Member by the International Cricket Council before becoming an Associate Member the following year. The UAE is currently ranked # 13 on the Associate ODI Ranking.

Before joining the ICC

Cricket was introduced by the United Kingdom in 1892 in the UAE. It was initially operated mainly by members of the British military. After the independence of the UAE in 1971, the popularity of sport initially declined, but it rose again with the arrival of South Asian workers in the 1980s. The first game of the national team was held in 1976 against the Pakistani first-class team of Pakistan International Airlines. International games took place in the UAE mostly without the participation of a local national team, such as the Asia Cup 1984.

List A and One-Day Internationals

With the founding of the Emirates Cricket Boards and the inclusion in the ICC in 1989, games against other national teams were possible. First lost in 1990 with two high defeats against the Netherlands. This resulted in efforts to recruit South Asian players to play in the country to give them the opportunity to race for the UAE team. This paid off as the team managed to qualify for the 1996 Cricket World Cup.

However, it also meant that the ICC tightened the rules for the appearance of a foreign national team. At the World Cup, the UAE could only win against the Netherlands and otherwise lost all matches in the preliminaries. Subsequently, after Bangladesh was declared a full member, the team was able to establish itself as the best Asian associate team. However, he only succeeded in qualifying for the 2015 Cricket World Cup, a new qualification for the main tournament.


Only in 2010, the team got the opportunity to participate in the qualification for the ICC World Twenty20. However, she finished only third place there and thus missed the qualification for the main tournament. In the next qualifying, it was not even enough for the qualifying tournament, as was eliminated in the Asian regional qualification. The first qualification for the main tournament was achieved at the ICC World Twenty20 Qualifier 2013. However, there could then be won no game and so divorced the team without a victory in the preliminary round.

International tournaments

Cricket World Cup

1975-1987 not eligible (no ICC member)
1992 no participation in the qualification
1996 preliminary round (qualification)
1999 not qualified (qualification)
2003 not qualified (qualification)
2007 not qualified (qualification)
2011 not qualified (qualification)
2015 preliminary round (qualification)
2019 not qualified (qualification)

World Twenty20

2007 not qualified
2009 not qualified (qualification)
2010 not qualified (qualification)
2012 not qualified (qualification)
2014 preliminary round (qualification)
2016 Not qualified (qualification)

ICC Intercontinental Cup

2004 semi-final
2005 semi-final
2006 preliminary round
2007-08 preliminary round
2009-10 Shield: Finale
2011-13 preliminary round
2015-17 preliminary round

Asia Cup

1984-1988 not eligible
1990/91 not participated
1993 tournament canceled
Not participated in 1995
1997 not qualified
2000 not qualified
2004 preliminary round
2008 preliminary round
2010 not qualified
2012 not qualified
2014 not qualified
2016 preliminary round
2018 not qualified