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rajya sabha

rajya sabha

Rajya Sabha or the State of Council

rajya sabha: According to the Constitution, the Rajya Sabha is also called the second house, and the other name of the Rajya Sabha is also the Upper House. There are more than 250 members in the Rajya Sabha, 238 members of the 250 members were indirectly elected representatives of the state and Union territories I am the remaining 12 members of the President, by his own name, this member is very knowledgeable in the field of arts, science, peace and social service. Is not experience are what I RS representatives on the basis of the state’s population is I that the state would not be much more people representing those states in the Upper House I

Rajya Sabha Rajya Sabha can never be dissolved, but after every 2 years, one-third of its members lose their membership. And in the same way, they take new members instead of every 2 years. In this way, we can say that Rajya Sabha is a permanent Members of the Rajya Sabha are elected by a single transferable vote in accordance with the proportional representation method adopted by the elected members in the state assembly. All the qualifications must have the qualifications necessary for becoming a Member of Parliament.

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rajya sabha
In this way, we can say that by making the Rajya Sabha a permanent institution, our Constitution makers have shown their foresight. As we have now, we have read that one-third of the Rajya Sabha members vacate the post in 2 years and replace them with new members. In the Rajya Sabha, new blood transmissions from time to time always keep new members in the Rajya Sabha. I have always been punished in the Rajya Sabha. Has found it beneficial to Parliament that this House is always close to the social problems I have thus remained always innovation in House