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Advance Traffic Police Camera

Advance Traffic Police Camera: In the ever-increasing technology of technology, every person is using technology in his life to make his life easier and easier. In the meanwhile, the criminals did not hesitate to use the technique to criminate somewhere, but for such people, our police are constantly preparing itself. Similar is the news, according to which the Delhi Police is preparing to install such cameras which will not let those who do not follow the Red Light escape.

This 3D camera will record the number of the car and generate an invoice for the people of the red light breakers. After generating the invoice, the message will be received by the mobile number. In this way, in India, especially in Delhi, the red light breakers will not be able to run away from the invoices. Even the Delhi Police is preparing to launch the e-invoice service so that people do not need to wander around to fill the invoice. With this application, anyone can fill the invoice from anywhere. This e-invoice machine will be available to traffic police by May.

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