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Pulwama Attack Complete Information

Pulwama Attack Complete Information

Pulwama Attack Complete Information: A terrorist attack was held in Pulwama, Jammu Kashmir on February 14, at 3:20 pm. In this attack, 44 Indian soldiers were martyred. And about 48 jawans are seriously injured. The terrorists have carried out this incident on Srinagar Jammu highway. Due to the snowfall here, this road was closed for almost a week. As soon as the way was opened on February 13, the terrorists got an opportunity to fulfill their purpose. On February 14, there were about two and a half thousand soldiers in the CRPF convoy passing through here.

These young people were passing through the entire district of Pulwama district. At the same time a car collided with a CRPF car and suddenly a blast was struck by the collision of the car. The CRPF and the carriage also came under the grip of this blast.

According to reports from some news publishers, we already had alerts on this attack. This alert was released on February 8, in which the expected arrival of security forces was expected of such blasts. This loss of this time was more than Uri’s losses. This time India lost 44 soldiers. Who has engaged in the security of their security It is a matter of great sadness that nowadays the cost of the country’s security has been paid to the lives of CRPF jawans. After the investigation, it is really necessary to give a strong answer to the Indian government.

Media Reaction in Pulwama Attack

Pulwama Attack Complete Information: But now there are some elements in this country which are well aware of any kind of losses being cashed for their profits. Similar examples are the country’s leading, well-reputed news channels. In fact, this is the reason behind their being reproduced, that it is a rope snake and a snake rope and specializes in fooling the people and the common masses of the country. It fills so much space in your content

Man keeps watching them in fun, and because of the overdose of this content, he becomes a victim of dysfunction. Nowadays we have seen some similar condition of our students. Who is wandering from their main goal? The biggest advantage of these news channels is that of the big speeches and greedy leaders. Because they know that it is easy to make the people of the country emotional and stupid.

Politicians Reaction on Pulwama Attack

Pulwama Attack Full Information: The matter of taking revenge from Pakistan is being shouted out loud because it is not easy to get revenge for them. If this could happen, then the process of revenge would have been far ahead. But there was no way to calm the anger of the people in front of them. That is why it is a good excuse to change the words of the gun instead of the words. And this is the reason why it keeps on shining the publicity of its publicity with inflammatory speeches on such Chance.

There are two channels ahead of news channels. These are called News Channel experts and security experts in Debt. Common civilians think that X is general or security expert, then you will say something intelligent, or the take debate to a technical aspect so that the country will find a way. But these experts are sitting in wait for themselves, that some of them call on debate and they also get an opportunity to come to the front through speeches.

How India Will Take Revange Against Pulwama Attack

Pulwama Attack Complete Information: All the greedy and goat are all our social guides by adding totals. And regretfully, we also follow the path shown by them. Has there been no one in 121 million Indians who has yet not been able to ask which speeches are required to take any kind of action? Where to teach the lesson to teach the lesson there is a need for a statement. But they also vote on the martyrdom of the soldiers. That’s why wheneverever an enemy hurts India, these Kho-Khaakhah people start fighting in each other.

Pulwama Attack Complete Information: I have heard such a thing that if a thief comes in someone’s home, he instead starts to get angry with his own family instead of catching the thief. But the situation of Indian leaders and ministers is not less than that. It is evidence of this that whenever anyone has hurt India, our booning social guides, who have been elected by us, begin to call each other a Pakistani. Just what the public also forget about the enemy and gets involved in a mutual battle. And the issue cools down. According to them, any person can be a traitor, just talk about something that is against their party and their personal interest.

Students Reaction On Pulwama Reaction

Pulwama Attack Complete Information: But this matter is not limited to this. Now in this war of interest, another soldier joins. And this is the same soldier who has not said anything so far in the study of SSC, UPSC or a doctor. Now as soon as the vidharthyo receives the news of such noise, these people leave the books aside and work out the rest of the media. And in place of books, whitespace and facebook come in place. All my many students are also involved in this. I do not know, maybe this people would think that through this kind of statement and message forward, the enemy will also cross the border.

After all, the issue ends in some way in the end and the media again looks forward to such a beneficial news. Actually insulting the news in this way is equal to the murder of journalism and in the blood of all the top channels in India are dyed in this blood. But the students should at least think that there are no weapons in the world in the hands of those books. And they should achieve their goals by acquiring knowledge from these booksbooks. Because this is the future of India. Any of them will become collectors and they will be able to get ready from the inspecor and the villain. But in the end, the responsibility of serving the country and improving the system will be on the shoulders of the students.

Massage For Students

Pulwama Attack Complete Information: Students who do not understand this thing should be serious about what kind of problems are being faced in India today and how to deal with those problems. If some IAS or UPSC Candidates have prepared and prepared well, then those students will be well aware that IAS is not based on history or on political science.

The exam is just about how you understand the current problems of your country and what you want to take a decision on them. Problems can not be solved by either forwarding messages or hearing inflammatory debates. We should know what happened, why did it happen, and what to do again, not only this, today’s students can have more information on topics related to current affairs, they can have a bad effect on their studies. In the end, the martyrs have full faith