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sansad bhawan

Parliament House

sansad Bhawan: The foundation stone of the Parliament House was done by Duke of Connaught. The main reason for building the Parliament building was the bicameral law, introduced in 1935, the Indian Government Act 1935 was established in 1935. I made an artistic sample of Parliament very beautiful and strong Got a very large Vastu with Lutyens forming an impressive sample by creating a new design. I inaugurated the Indian Parliament House, Viceroy Lord Irwin Area was on January 18, 1927.

All the parliamentary proceedings of India or Parliament is done in the building. Its entire complex is surrounded by decorative lantern walls, which include iron doors and wild. I have a long broad reservoir in the Parliament and with this beautiful fountains are its beauty. More

Sansad Bhawan

It is known to all that Parliament House is one of the most glorious buildings. But, internationally, it can be compared to the largest legislative building in the world. I am constructing the laws of India in the Parliament building, and all the ministers are developing the country. I Parliament is preparing to move forward. Parliament is a building that governs the whole of India in a way. We can say that Parliament House is a sample of foreign origin. Huvid is derived from the Indian manufacturing has provided Parliament prepared materials and the workers have built the Parliament building I, therefore, can be said that this is why Indian art at the Parliament House has left its mark on the deep as I

But we have to understand that the Parliament building is not just a building. But Parliament building is the brain of the country and it is here that decides when our country will follow.

In fact, the composition of the Parliament building is in conjunction with the President, the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha. On one of the grounds, Parliament will be able to work smoothly only when President Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha will be in three good conditions in the country. The mention of the formation of the Parliament House together with the President, Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha is mentioned in Part 5 chapters 2 and 3 of the Constitution.