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How can citizenship be eliminated or stripped?

nagrikta kese samapt hoti he: The way citizenship is acquired or earned, citizenship can be sacrificed in the same way otherwise citizenship sugar can be made by the Central Government or by the Supreme Court, for which there are some rules whose details are available below.

The resignation of citizenship by the voluntary sacrifice

If an Indian citizen wants to accept citizenship of any other country, or for any other reason, wants to abandon the citizenship of India, he can give up the citizenship of India but he should be completely innocent and in any type of crime his The name should not be included, in this way, most such people are abandoning citizenship due to their business or economic development, Want to live in the state and want to take citizenship there

End of citizenship due to marriage

If a woman or a man is married to a woman or a man of another nation and lives in that nation, but India does not respond to India or express its position on Indian citizenship towards Indian citizenship then Thus, his Indian citizenship ends itself, in this situation I am not a citizen of India and the citizenship of another country is accepted It is necessary to clarify their position in the given time frame after marriage.

Denial of citizenship by migration

If a person receives the citizenship of any other country and resigns the citizenship of India or leaves the citizenship of India, in that case, the person will be deprived of himself and the citizen of another country will be considered

Losing citizenship by the deprived method

If a person wishes to accept citizenship of India, and that person has either taken citizenship of India, or that person has taken the citizenship of India unconstitutionally by fraud, in that case, the person has denied the citizenship of India. The Indian government can self-deny citizenship from those who are indecent or bad for Indian Constitution

Lack of citizenship due to a job abroad

If a person is employed in a government post abroad that is the post of the government of any other country or takes a position for that country, in which case a secret agency or a spy agency of that country is connected, then this type of job Will end citizenship of that person

Citizenship is endangered due to anti-national work

If a person performs anti-national acts of India or is caught in such a task which is against the nation, otherwise it is proven in any crime of sedition. In this situation, the person’s citizenship is snatched as if a person is a soldier Gets away from running away or gets involved in a conspiracy against India and against Indian integrity. In that case, the person is punished and his citizenship is terminated, due to which he loses Indian citizenship

other reason

There is also some other reason for losing Indian citizenship, there is a person who has been proven to be mad or a reticent person who will not be a citizen of India, along with this, Fakiri also has such a task work that is due to Indian citizenship Ends