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State Policy Director Elements

State Policy Director Elements

State Policy Director Elements: While Indians have the benefit of fundamental rights, on the one hand, the State Governments have the responsibility to carry out State Policy Directive Principles. The purpose of state policy director principles is to instruct the state to work in the public interest. According to Policy Principles, the state will have to work in such a way that all the citizens have the opportunity to live a life respectfully. In no way is there any insult of children and women, they can not be bought and sold. State work will get water education and the authority will provide the right to obtain public assistance in the circumstances of old age and inferiority. State and law and economic organizations will create such a situation that farmers and laborers can obtain the necessary wages along with this, to obtain necessary leave.

Gandhian principles of policy directive principles

According to the principles of the Gandhian ideology of policy directorate, most of the state gets the view of the Gram Panchayats and will provide such powers so that the Panchayats can be easier to work as a unit of autonomous rule. Similarly, the state will try to increase cottage industries. Efforts will be made to improve milking breeds and with this, the use of narcotic items will only be used to limit access to medical use.

Intellectual liberal theory

In intellectual liberal theory, primary education is to provide free education for children up to 14 years of age. All state territories will be tried to implement the uniform civil code. An important point of the material liberal theory is the responsiveness of maintaining respectful relations between the nations respectfully. The state should increase the base price among organized people towards international laws and treaties. With this, incentives should be given to efforts to settle international disputes through mediation.

Because the policy director principle was created keeping in mind the interests of the public, this is the reason why it is an intimate part of the Constitution. Many times, the judiciary has taken into account the policy director’s element while explaining the constitution and the judiciary has been regarded as the symbol of the will of the nation

Fundamental Rights and Policy Directive Elements

Fundamental rights were created to give life to people with respect and dignity. The idea of democracy without fundamental rights is somewhat difficult, but policy director principles have been set up to establish an economic, social and welfare state. Apart from this, the fundamental rights are both negative and positive, whereas policy director theory is just positive. Apart from this, courts can go to implement or to acquire fundamental rights, but the principle of policy cannot be enforced by the principle of policy, the Policy Director is not eligible. There are some restrictions on fundamental rights but there is no restriction on state policy director elements. State policy director element states are willing to accept their wishes for the welfare and well-being of the people.