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Magadh samrajye

Magadha Empire

Magadh samrajye: Various changes were seen in the time of the Vedic period from 1500 BC to 600 BC. This change was constantly moving towards progress. The governance system was becoming sensible day by day. And the ruling classes were looking for different ways to protect society. After all, the time came when after coming out of the Vedic period gradually emerging from the empire began. And the first and the great empire in the Udit empire emerged as the Magadha Empire. In the Rig Veda era, the districts emerged gradually and thereafter 16 large districts were known, which were known as 16 Mahajanapadas. 16 Mahajanapadas had their own capitals.


Magadh Rajgrah
Avanti Ujjaini/Mahishmati
Vajji Vaishali
Kosal Shravasti
Kashi Varanasi
Ang Champa
Mall Kushinara
Chedi Sothivati
Vats Kaushambi
Kuru Hastinapur
Matsye Virat Nagar
Panchal Ahichhatra/Kampilye
Soorsen Mathura
Gandhar Takshila
Kamboj Rajpura
Ashmak Potan

In the Bhagwati Sutra of the Buddhist texts, the ancestral body, Mahavastu, and Jainism get their information. Among these Mahajanapadas, Magadha, Kaushal, Vatsa, and Avanti were the most powerful Mahajanapadas. This Mahajanapadas always struggled for their own political domination. As a result of the conflict in these powerful states, Avanti and Magadha emerged as the largest states. But in time, Magadha established its dominance over Avanti. The discovery and use of iron made someone easy. And, iron proved to be effective in increasing yield. Business commerce reached an advanced level due to agricultural growth. And favorable business conditions contributed significantly to the spread of Magadha. Similarly, the day-to-day advancement of the system of governance advances. Eventually, Magadha was established on Magadha, which is known as Haryak Dynasty.