Nationalist Congress Party

Nationalist Congress Party

Nationalist Congress Party (Nationalist Congress Party): Nationalist Congress Party Nationalist Congress Party Sharad Pawar is a national party in India.

Formation of history

Sharad Pawar, who was expelled from the Congress due to Sonia Gandhi’s leadership, NCP was formed on May 25, 1999 by Sagma and Tariq Anwar. The NCP is the only political party in the country to form the women aged between 15 and 35 years. The name of the organization [citation needed] is called the Politician Girl Congress.

Influenced states

NCP has strong committees in Lakshadweep, Andaman and Nicobar Islands and other Union Territories throughout India, but Maharashtra is the strongest party. The Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) has emerged as the single largest party in Maharashtra with 72 MLAs. NCP-Congress Alliance has been ruling Maharashtra for 10 consecutive years. There were about 22 ministers in Maharashtra, including Deputy Chief Minister, Home, and Public Works. Ajit Pawar, RR Patil is the Deputy Chief Minister. The NCP-Congress alliance was in power in the state of Goa. NCP-Congress In the Meghalaya, NCC was the chief ministers of finance, including finance. NCP was the first in the UPA cabinet and the second in the center. Ministers of the party handled various ministries in two Ministries. During the second UPA government, there were 9 Lok Sabha members and seven Rajya Sabha members 16 MPs. More than 100 MLAs from different states The NCP had three Cabinet ministers in the second UPA government. Sharad Pawar, Frau Patel, and Tariq Anwar. There are currently six Lok Sabha members. Four from Maharashtra will get one seat each from Bihar and Lakshadweep. The NCP, which left the alliance with the Congress in the last assembly elections, was able to win 41 Assembly seats. The party has won more than 1 crore votes in the assembly polls. In the previous Lok Sabha election, the NCP also got more seats than the Congress.

The Nationalist Congress Party has been in power in hundreds of local bodies in the country including Lakshadweep. In Kerala, the CPI (M) is part of the Left Front. The NCP had a number of representatives in the Left Front government. In Kerala, the ruling party has two MLAs, including a minister. Elathoor from the constituency A. K. Nationalist Congress Party (NIC) is the youth organization of the Union Transport Ministry in Kerala’s Shri. The Nationalist Students Congress (NSC) is a student organization. The Nationalist Mahila Congress is the women’s wing and the National Labor Labor Congress worker.

State constituencies

After the death of Uzhavur Vijayan, the party’s national secretary was TP. The central committee was constituted as the state president of the NCP by Peethambaran Master. He will remain in office until the elections are held in December and elect a new president