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Indian Society, India Facts and india culture

Indian Society, India Facts and India culture

The subject of emotional unity is very important in the present circumstances of India. This topic is attracting the attention of the well-wishers and patriots in the country as a national problem. Indeed it is said that the future of the country, the success of all its plans and the prosperity of the future generations will be done by its citizens Depends on the emotional unity of India.

Every Indian should realize that Bharatbhumi is his motherland. The interest of each citizen here is his own interest. It is the emotional integration of Bharat Bhoomi, its rivers, mountains, animals and birds, the history, traditions, culture, and civilization of every Indian, every person should be worshiped.

Since the past, our country has been a geographical entity, but the feeling of political or administrative unity never came before the British. In this direction, the province of great emperors such as Ashoka, Samudragupta, Chandragupta, Akbar was also only partially successful. During the ancient and medieval period, the country was divided into several political and administrative units, yet it is well known that all Indian life was tied to a form of unity.

Mandakini’s flow of emotional, emotional, and cultural unity was flowing in the intervals of the external differences and inequalities of life. In the first period of the British rule, political and administrative unity was established in the country at such a broad level and it was also achieved as a succession of independent India.

For some years it has been experienced that it is very difficult to reinforce the political, economic and administrative unity of the country in the absence of emotional unity. What a strange situation, when there was no political unity in the country, there was no lack of emotional unity and when the political unity with independence was established in the country after centuries, then the tone of emotional unity was dry.

Mahatma Gandhi had long ago said while targeting this narrow trend among the various sections of the country – “What a strange time it is that Punjabi only talks about the interest of Punjab; Nobody talks about the interest of the entire country but the interests of Bengali Bengal and of Madrasian Madras. If Punjab belongs to Punjabis, Bengal is from Bengalis, Madras is of Madrasis- then who is India?

Mahatma Gandhi, who expressed concern over the narrow minds of provincialism, communalism, ethnicity, religiousness, and intolerance, has become a country-wide country and has been manifesting in various forms, due to which the future of the country has been in crisis.

He is being tired of being a victim of casteism, languageism, regionalism, and many other ‘promises’. In the west, there was a fierce dispute over the demand of Punjabi Suba and in the end, it remained. The anti-Hindi movement of the Madras state in the south was also raging, which is in front of us today as Tamil Nadu. We have seen all the three newly formed states- Uttarakhand, Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh’s Eidolons.

Regarding the demands of Vidarbha, Harit Pradesh, Bodoland, Bhojpuri zone, Mithilanchal etc, there has been continuous stirring revolutions. Political parties have been born like rainy brides. Each party and organization gives a call to the unity of the country with their own stage, but it does not hesitate to adopt the path of insignificance and impatience to capture the rights.

The way the honesty, ethics, and integrity have traveled from our public life, in the same way, the feeling of admiration, reverence, and devotion towards our Mother Janmabhoomi is also going on. This is the feeling that gives seeds of mutual love, sympathy, faith, and unity in the citizens of a country.

The citizens of the country who live in front of the eyes of an entire statue of their birthplace – all their natural splendor, weapons, and gene complexes – are always in front of the eyes, the citizens of that country are confused with their feelings. And the same country can be organized on a firm basis with emotionally focused.

The basic idea of ​​emotional unity is that we feel love, sympathy, and attachment towards our country and its legislative elements. In India, this base has become weak and weak due to various reasons. By accepting their reasons as a problem or as a challenge at this time, the country has once again been repulsed to make the basic premise of emotional unity strong.

So far, many important efforts have been made in this direction and many decisions have been taken at the all India level, some of them have been implemented and some have yet to be implemented. The attention of the education ministry of the Government of India for the creation and upliftment of emotional unity in the country was first noticed on the students. The future of a country depends on its students.

If there is a seeding of emotional unity in the students there, the future of that country will be ensured because the leadership of the country is ultimately to be in their hands. Here the indiscipline of the students has come up with a questionable question in front of the government.

Many academics have published various opinions on this subject. To strengthen emotional unity among the students, the Central Education Ministry constituted a commission. Just a few years before this, the ‘whole-moon committee’ had made a number of useful suggestions by studying the whole situation closely, which the state governments had accepted.

Indian Society, India Facts and India culture.