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governor of india

governor of India

governor of India: As we all know that Parliamentary system has been set up in both the union and state in India and thus the constitutional head of the lion is the president, the President gets power all over the country, but constitutional head The Governor is appointed by the President and governor of India remains on his post till the President’s award, Article 153 According to each state there is a law to appoint a governor, but only one person can be appointed governor of two or more states.

There must be some qualification for the post of governor. Jai Bharat’s citizen must be at least 35 years of age to become a governor. Governor cannot be a member of the Legislature or Parliament in any state if the person who takes the post of governor If the person is already a member of the Legislature or Parliament of a State, then he must first resign from his membership. The PIN should not be in any post of profit and, according to the last point, the person declared as bankrupt by the court is not eligible for the governor of India.

The increase in the salary of the Governor from 36000 to ₹ 110000 per month in 2008, the term of the governor is only 5 years but before 5 years the Governor can be removed from his post and in the second case after 5 years He can also remain in his post till the new governor takes his position as the Governor holds the post till the President’s award.

governor of India: The powers of the state executive are contained within the governor of India. These words can be used by the governor, or through his subordinate officers, all the governance of the whole state is run by the governor. Have the following rights

The Governor appoints the Chief Minister and other ministers are appointed from the advice of the Chief Minister.
The Governor of the State is appointed by the Governor as the Chairman and other members of the State Public Service Commission.
The governor can nominate an Anglo-Indian person in the state assembly
Powers of Governor in India
Governor’s own discretionary authority
governor of India: The governor of Assam has got certain rights to decide and rule in the areas of the Scheduled Castes and thus the governor of India can rule with his will, but for this, he is responsible for the President of India. And can use these rights as their representative if no party gets a clear majority in the assembly elections, then the governor will not have a right to vote Accordingly can prove its majority in the assembly which that person is appointed as chief minister

Legal Powers
governor of India: What governor receives from a lot of legislation is true that the governor is not a member of the legislature but like the President, he is also a part of the legislature. Regarding the session, the governor must take care of this. If the time is not more than 6 months between the two sessions, the Governor can send his message or give his speech in any House of the Legislature, such as the level of the Sangh Bill and an Act of the course requires the President agreed to care

Similarly, any legislative act can be made at the state level when it is accepted by the governor and after the approval of the Governor, the bill takes the form of the act completely, the governor has the right to say that any bill Withholding the permission of the President, the money bill is presented only in the Legislature with the approval of the Governor, especially the legislators to the nation. Pauses for the permission of the President to whom the rights of the High Court are being affected

Crisis powers
governor of India: If the governor of India has experience that under which rule the state’s internal peace is dissolved or there is a possibility or if the government is not being run according to the constitution, then it informs it to the President of India accordingly The President of India can declare Presidential rule in the state, in such a situation, the President may take full charge of governance in accordance with the order of the President. Due to being the President, the Governor has the right to dissolve or extend the duration of the Legislative Assembly. The Governor reserves the right to get any information from the Chief Minister, along with this, the Chief Minister also has the duty to appoint the governor of his state as his Make all the decisions of the Cabinet informed and provide information about all decisions

Financial powers
governor of India: According to financial powers, the money related to the governor’s powers related to money bill cannot be presented in the assembly without the recommendation of the governor, along with the governor’s control over the contingent fund of the state and the crisis In case of necessity, the Governor can spend the money

Judicial powers of the governor
governor of India: The Governor has got the full right to defer and alter the penalty given by the High Court which falls within the power of the executive of the state but the Governor can not use these rights for such crimes Union