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Fundamental duties in hindi

Fundamental Duties in hindi

Fundamental duties in hindi: We have already read about fundamental rights. But there is a difference in authority and duty, it can be assumed that fundamental rights and fundamental duty are two aspects of the same coin. Meaning fundamental rights provide freedom to a person. But, the fundamental duty reminds the person that the person is indebted to his nation or the state. Similarly, the fundamental duty tells the person that he should always be prepared to serve for the country and for his purity. Any person should serve the nation and serve the laws and rules with complete integrity.

The responsibility of progress and the nation to move towards development
Fundamental duties in hindi The way the state’s policy directorate addresses the states, similarly the fundamental duties address the citizens. The state expects the citizens to be all equal partners in the progress of the nation’s state. Not only a mute, if we thought that the task of making the nation progress towards the responsibility of progress and development is only for the government and the judiciary, then there is a possibility of development in the nation’s state as the person gets the equivalent share of his own With the help of states and together to help themselves progressive.

We must remember
We must remember that the fundamental duties were established under section 42A of Article 51 by the 42nd Constitution Amendment in the Indian Constitution. At that time only 10 fundamental duties were added to the Constitution. Whereas, the 11th duty 86th constitution was added by the amendment 2002.

How is this 11 fundamental duty
It will be the duty of every citizen of India to follow the constitution. Respect her ideals of national flag and national anthem.
Keeping high ideals inspired by our national movement for independence will keep us in the heart. And, follow them
Protecting India’s sovereignty unity and integrity is the highest sacramental duty of every citizen.
Protect the country, whenever you call upon the nation’s service, then look forward to serving the nation.
Religious, linguistic, regional and class variation exists in India. Therefore, maintaining harmony and brotherhood between communities is the duty of every citizen. It is the duty of the citizens to boycott them, which is against the respect of women.
Understand the importance of the glorious tradition of our integrated culture and train them.
Natural environment under which forests, lakes, rivers and other g are also. Protect them and promote them. And, have compassion for animals only.
Develop a scientific approach and develop the spirit of human department and exploration improvements.
Protect public property and stay away from violence.
Continuous efforts to excel and grow in all areas with personal and collective activities. As the nation continues to grow, progress and achievement can reach new heights.
Parents will have this duty. That I give my children from age 6 to 14 years of opportunity to receive education.

11 fundamental duty was added by the constitution amendment to the marriage. However, many scholars have also criticized the fundamental duties. Some scholars say that the need for fundamental duty was not in the constitution, but whatever the fundamental duty gives the citizen a sense of responsibility. And do the work of encouraging the person to move towards a forwarding society.