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What is Citizenship in Hindi

What is citizenship and why is it mandatory to accept citizenship

What is Citizenship in Hindi
Citizenship in Hindi: Being a citizen of any country means that the person has a special right on the basis of birth or birth rights in that country, it is such an authority that the people who came from outside, People are not given to the people but the citizen of that country uses these rights, along with that some facilities are also attached to citizenship, which is the residents of the same country and the native citizen This kind of rights includes some political and social special rights, including rights, also includes rights that are included in the people of any other country other than the people of that country. Can not be given
Though citizenship is a matter of general citizenship, there are two types of first-person citizenship and second dual citizenship. The provision of single citizenry in India is that citizens of India have only one citizen, whereas according to US Constitution, people living in the US But there are dual citizenship, as if people there are citizens of the state and citizens of the United States, thus repeating According to the principle of citizenship, there are 2 citizenship on American people, there is a system of citizen citizenship in the country as well as national citizenship of the state.

Privilege obtained in citizenship

According to Indian citizenship, people born in India and Indian nationals have some special rights which are not given to people of other countries in India, among them are the right to vote in the first right which Indians only receive. Foreigners do not have the right to vote in addition to the right to vote for the election of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha Assembly and Parliament The right to be a member is only available to Indians who are citizens of India. Apart from this, the right to be a member of the Legislature of any state is also available only to Indian citizens, as well as certain special posts such as the post of the Attorney General and the Governor’s post. The post of solicitor general, the judge of the Supreme Court, the post of President and Vice President is also only for Indian nationals

But in the context of citizenship there are some differences among the scholars as if a person is known for science art literature world peace or human progress or human progress, such persons can be granted citizenship without all conditions depending on their greatness But India will not adhere to any pretext to give citizenship to those people who are honored by the citizenship Be important to get