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Citizen ship acts

Citizenship Amendment Act

Citizenship acts
Citizen ship acts Citizenship Amendment Act Citizenship Act 1955
The Citizenship Act 1955 tells us about being people of acquisition and citizenship, this Act has also been revised twice in two also in the future, the first amendment to this Act was made in 1986, the Citizenship Amendment Act 1986 and Second Amendment took place in 1992 which is the Citizenship Amendment Act 1992

Citizenship Amendment Act, 1986

Citizenship acts the Citizenship Amendment Act
Through this act it has been reported that if a person who is born in India wants to be registered as an Indian citizen, then he has to submit certificate of stay in India continuously for 5 years, whereas before the amendment this period The month was 6 months but the amendment to 1986 was increased from 6 months to 5 years apart from this Act it was also clear that any such child The person who is born in India will not get citizenship on his own, on the basis of birth only citizens will be given citizenship whose parents, one of them, is already a citizen of India, Wadhwa mother and father are both citizens of India. But before the amendment, any child born in India would have got Indian citizenship itself but thus became a citizen of India, who was born on the basis of the citizen For the foreign people living in the form of migrants as well as the condition of citizenship on the basis of nationalization, which was 5 years ago, this 5 year period was increased to 10 years 10 years apart from this, The lady taking woman who was married to a woman who was given the right to receive citizenship of India, even if she is from any country, can get citizenship of India Land

Citizenship Amendment Act of 1992

Citizenship acts the Citizenship Amendment Act
According to the Citizenship Amendment Act 1992, provision was made to give citizenship of such people or children to India, who have been born outside of India but none of their mother or father is an Indian before the amendment only if the father is an Indian, citizenship There was a provision to meet but by modifying the mother’s name in this act also added and a major step towards keeping women as equal to men Raised which is appreciable