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18 Bra Types Every Girl Must Know

Push Up Bra

18 Bra Types Every Girl Must Know: Women’s push-up bras, also known as upright bras, do exactly what their name suggests: they gently push back their breasts and close them to give you a sexy cleavage. They are filled at the bottom of the cups with gel or silicone foam to lift the breast tissue and come in 3 different pressure levels: mild, moderate and explosive.
Although they are best combined with blouses or low-cut dresses, you can use them to enhance your curves, even under a turtleneck suit. Whatever the size and shape of your breasts, a push-up bra can be comfortable and give you a lot of confidence.Buy an online push-up bra on Zivame according to your style and function requirements. There are many types to choose from.

Padded Bra

18 Bra Types Every Girl Must Know: It’s a style that every woman must have! The padded cups of the bra prevent the nipple from looking under t-shirts and tight-fitting clothes. Upholstered women’s bras can have hoops for extra support or without cables for all-day comfort. In addition, the padded bra has different necklines and covers for breasts of different sizes. So choose wisely to find the style that best suits your girls! Remember that you can use one even if your bust is denser.Simply choose the lightly padded variety for added comfort and a smooth, hassle-free look.

T-shirt Bra

18 Bra Types Every Girl Must Know: Women’s T-shirt bras are the ultimate style for your lingerie drawer. They are designed for everyday comfort. Designed to be invisible under wraps to wrap the body, this bra features smooth, regular cups that neither show nor support your bust smoothly. They come in a variety of styles, from strapless to diving. Although you want to buy an online t-shirt bra on Zivame, do not forget that all T-shirt bras are stuffed in different sizes, but they are not all perfect and designed for t-shirts. -shirts.

Convertible Bra

18 Bra Types Every Girl Must Know: From a strap to two straps, strapless or back-to-back: the convertible bra offers a wide variety of styles and is therefore also called a multi-way bra. It comes with removable straps that can be rearranged in multiple ways when hung in different slots in the front or back. Now you can have a bra for a variety of outfits!



Strapless Bra

18 Bra Types Every Girl Must Know: Yes, a woman’s strapless bra, as the name suggests, is a strapless bra; and no, he will not fall. The two strapless bonnets, perfect for shoulder-worn clothing, are held in place with a strong band and cables. Since all support comes from this group, it is important to use the right fit. If it is too tight, it will feel uncomfortable and if it will be released, it will continue to slide! Some multi-track fasteners even come with removable fasteners that you can use at your leisure or even omit them completely.


Balconette Bra

A bra with balconies is a very delicate lingerie style that gives a soft touch and a rounded look to the chest. With straps and wide cups forming an almost horizontal cleavage (looking very similar to a balcony), this bra can be hidden under the widest neck. Our online collection of bras with balconies contains many stylish numbers that can be used regularly.



Bandeau Bra

A cross between a strapless bra and a tube top, the bandeau is simply a band or a strip of elastic fabric that can be placed on the bust over the head. It has no straps, no cups or closures. The bandeau is more an informal bra to use at home or to sleep, as it provides minimal support but maximum comfort.




A strappy bralette is a hassle-free bra! Usually, without lining, without padding and without cables, the bralettes can be designed as both underwear and outerwear.Although essentially considered a bra, they are designed with minimal construction and can be easily used. Buy a bra bralette online at Zivame: show off those gorgeous lace borders under loose blouses and low necklines!



Sports Bra

Sturdier than everyday bras, women’s sports bras are designed to provide support to the breasts during workouts. Engineered to prevent bounce and hold the bust firm during strenuous movement, they are a must-have for every woman during exercising. There are many types of sports bras, including the padded sports bras, compression or encapsulation sports bras, pull-over or back-clasp sports bras, etc. Slip on your favorite sports bra for the gym with ease and work out for as long as you please!


Plunge Bra

Have you ever found yourself wondering, ‘what is a plunge bra?’ A plunge bra is designed to show off cleavage under deep-neck outfits. With a deep center gore and cups that cutaway on the sides, they easily mold to the shape of the breast. This bra vanishes under low necklines while giving a fuller appearance to the bust and cleavage. Note that there are many variants, including the deep plunge bra, multiway plunge bra, etc. and you must consider getting one based on your bust type, outfit and of course, your style sensibility.


Stick-On Bra

Stick on bras are perfect for backless and sheer-back outfits. The adhesive stick-on bras are designed with a gentle adhesive substance along with the cups and wings and glue seamlessly on to your curves. There are also silicone stick-on bras that come without side wings and work as an efficient alternative.



Mastectomy Bra

Mastectomy bras are designed for women who have had a mastectomy without breast reconstruction. They are carefully designed with prosthetic silicone pouches in each cup and soft feather-like fabric that has an antimicrobial finish, making it a convenient and practical option.



Maternity bra

Specially designed for comfort and support, maternity bras, as they are commonly known, have molded spandex cups that adapt to the shape and size of breasts during pregnancy. Some baby bras also have carefully designed cups with easily removable flaps that can be unhooked for comfortable breastfeeding after pregnancy; These are the breastfeeding bras.



Minimizer Bra

If you have always struggled to find support for heavy breasts, you are in luck. Now you can buy an online minimizer bra on Zivame to solve this problem. It’s a blessing for women who want to reduce the appearance of a big bust under tight dresses. These bras are designed to visually reduce the projection and circumference of the breast, redistributing the breast tissue to create the appearance of a smaller bust. They also offer the added benefit of additional support and configuration for an adequate appearance.


 No Sag Bra

Fallen breasts are a sad reality for many women. A bra that does not bend can help alleviate your problems as it is the most functional and comfortable bra for sagging breasts! Designed with a high strength and non-stretch fabric, this sagging breast support is highly functional and keeps the breast tissue firmly in place. The reinforced breast support bra, wide back, and thick shoulder straps combine to give a youthful look and prevent slackening


Cami Bra

With the cover of a camisole and the support of a bra, this bra is the perfect combination of style and functionality. The camisole bra has high necklines and full cups to hide the neckline under deep-neck clothing. Some styles are hoops and quilted to provide slightly rounded lift, while others feature removable straps for a multi-lane style.



Longline Bra

Elegant and functional, the longline support offers an extended coverage of the underbelly a few centimeters above the navel; Some may even have a dual purpose and help shape your size. With an extra wide band that helps to lose weight and gives a sleek and sexy look, this bra is great for being tied with everyday outfits or even with bridal wear. Purchase an online longline gear on Zivame after consulting our detailed sizing guide for a perfect fit.


Cage Bra

The caged bra is a padded and stylish bra with a designer back and neckline and multiple straps designed to show off. Perfect for low-cut clothing with a transparent back, this bra is a universally appreciated style that is sexy and encouraging.
Women undergo innumerable changes in their body, be it pregnancy, gain or loss of weight, growth spurts (teenage girls), etc. We recommend that you reevaluate your chest every six months and buy the bra that’s right for you. It is always a good idea to read the maintenance instructions for a longer life. The right bra can give you unbridled confidence and help you cope each day with renewed energy.

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