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What is the difference between union and federation?

India (a union of states)
Any state can be in two realms or union or federation Union and Confederation These two words we fall in most books, but sometimes we do not get the correct meaning when we do not have the right literal knowledge. First of all Ham will discuss his country. India is actually a union of states, as in Article 1 of the Constitution it has been said that India will be a union of India states. The states of India do not have the power to separate from it or to make any law against the Center, because this state is an integral part of India. Similarly, due to the strengthening of the Central States, the State is deprived of any such right, The integrity of the nation is in danger.

What is the union
The union is the structure of the states and states in which the Center is strong and the state is weak. The state does not have any power or authority to separate it from the center or cause some kind of harm to the sovereignty of the Center. In the federal system, the center can change the boundaries of the states on the basis of public interest. India has been called the Union of States for this reason because the Indian system meets the federal system to a wider extent. Some scholars do not believe that there is a semi-organized system in India but in reality there is no state in India that is connected to any opportunity or agreement. This state is an integral part of India since its inception. Jammu and Kashmir, according to this statement, is a matter of discussion between one exception and scholars.

What is federation
In the Federation, there is enough power to harm the center at the very opposite states of the Union. In the federation, the union is connected through a union or agreement through the center. In this arrangement, the center has the desire to benefit from the state and the state from the center, whereas in the federal system the center does not want any kind of profit from the state. In the federal system, the status of the Center is weak and the status of the states is strong. This is the reason that the federal system is a temporary system and the federal system is a permanent arrangement.

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