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New Weapons For Indian Army

Two guns named Dhanush and Sarang in the Indian Army

New Weapons For Indian Army

Indian Army will include two guns named Dhanush and Sarang in February

New Weapons For Indian Army The Indian Army has added two more weapons to its weapons, the two weapons are guns named Dhanush and Sarang, which are made of state-of-the-art technology, both of these guns will be included in February after the successful trial of the Army. The cannon will be placed in the place of the Bofors gun, while the Sarang cannon is deployed in place of the Russian m46. We should be aware that the Russian gun m46 army has been in use since 1968, which is a 130mm caliber gun, while now the serang that takes its place is a 155mm caliber gun, due to the ability to rotate at 70 degree in Sarangpur, the mountainous terrain It’s a better gun for

New Weapons For Indian Army Dhanush Gun, who is joining the Indian Army, has got place in the world’s bestest 5 guns because the gun capability of the gun is 18 kilometers more in accordance with Boher sunshine, the bow cannon, which is being replaced by posts Bay Tu is in the Indian Army for 31 years




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