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Mahesh Babu’s wax statue displayed at AMB Cinemas

Mahesh Babu’s wax statue displayed at AMB Cinemas

Mahesh Babu’s wax statue displayed at AMB Cinemas

Since the announcement of the state of a new wax idol in Mahesh Babu in Madame Tussauds – Singapore, the fans of the star have been very happy. What distinguishes this form of wax is that it will be transported from Singapore and placed at AMB Cinemas Mahesh Babu, Hyderabad, on March 25 for a day. This is the first time that Mrs. Tussaud organizes a prestigious event outside of Singapore, the wax figure will be transferred to the Madame Tussauds Museum after the event.

These events are usually restricted to the masses and foreigners, as they are full of stars and dignitaries. But this time, it will be an event dedicated to lovers of Mahesh, of course, the regional, national and international press has been invited to this great launch. Shortly after the announcement of the event, the organizers received thousands of messages from Mahesh fans (through social networks) asking if they could also join this great event and be part of it.

A group of highly qualified fans has been selected by the official fans of Mahesh Babu and Madame Tussauds, through interesting drawing contests and other initiatives. After Mahesh Babu revealed the wax idol on Monday, this group of fans, who brought out the best masterpiece of Mahesh Babu, which looks like a wax idol, will have the opportunity to take Sylvie with the wax idol until 6 pm.

The launch of the only wax statue will be broadcast live on all platforms (TV and Internet). March 25 promises not to forget. We can not wait!

The wax statue of Telugu representative Mahesh Babu was presented on March 25 at Madame Tussauds in Singapore. It will also be screened at AMB’s multi-test theater in Hyderabad for a day, shortly after launch.

In a statement, it was announced that the statue will be moved from Singapore to AMB Cinemas, where it will be screened for a day on March 25, shortly after the launch of the event.

AMB Cinemas, a seven-screen super plex, is a joint venture between Mahesh Babu and Asian Group Film Distribution Company.

A selection of fans, who have been shown through graphics and other contests, will have the opportunity to take photos of Sylvie with the statue of Mahish Pappo.

The event will be broadcast live through different platforms, according to the statement.

Mahesh Babu is the second Telugu star after Prabhas who will be born in a wax statue in Madame Tussauds, Singapore.

On a professional level, Mahesh is busy filming his upcoming Telugu movie “Maharishi”, directed by Vamshi Paidipally. The last time he played as prime minister in Bharat-en-Nino, Mahesh will soon start working on his next project with director Anil Ravioli.

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