Google Digital unlocked certificate course

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Google is the World largest Search Engine and online advertising platform. and Google provide to free tools for the google customer. and today google launched the “Google Digital Unlocked” online learning platform and provide to Google Official Certificate. This is totally free course and achieved the Google Certificate.

Google Introduced the Google Digital Unlocked free online learning certificate course. Google Course divided into Three Category like-

  1. Data and Technology
     2. Digital Marketing
     3. Career Development

Each category course name 

Data and technology

  • Understand the basics of Code
  • Increase productivity at Work
  • Understanding the basics of machine learning
  • Improve your online business security

Digital Marketing

  • Fundamental of Digital Marketing
  • Get a Business Online
  • Make sure customer find you online
  • Promote a business with online marketing
  • Expand a business to others countries
  • Connect with customer over mobile
  • Promote a business with content
  • Understand customers needs and online behaviours

Career Development

  • Introduction to digital wellbeing
  • Effective networking
  • Introduction to business communication 
  • Build confidence with self promotion
  • how to enhance and protect your online campaign
  • Land your next Job
  • Communication your ideas through story telling and Design
  • Speaking in Public  

Google Digital Unlocked Certificate Registration 

Registration to Google Digital unlocked certificate course click here to  below link and go to website and login your gmail id and choose the Course.
Data and technology certificate course  Registration/Login
Digital marketing certificate course Registration/Login
Career Development certificate course Registration/Login
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Google Offline Training 

Google provide to Offline Training, but it is not free training. Google Takes fees from the offline training, and offline training registration fees INR 1500 rupees.  
Google Offline Training registration Link: Registration

Tools to help you grow

Google Provide to some tools help to your grow skills and Knowledge  Click Here

Visit to click here others information: Click Here

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