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Facebook free certificate course

Facebook is the largest social media platform and facebook help to in digital world and Second largest advertising platform in the world. facebook is the best advertising platform because we can run our Advertising on facebook in very little Cost such as compare to others.

Facebook launched the “Facebook Blueprint” facebook blueprint is the facebook certificate website name.

facebook provide to online free certificate course without any charges and this is very good news for digital marketer. and achieved the facebook certificate and you can add this certificate to your CVs or Resume. Improve your Business and Designation in the company.

facebook certificate category

  • Get started with Facebook:- ( Ten Certificate courses available in this section)
  • Get started with advertising:- ( Ten Certificate courses available)
  • Learn advanced buying options:- ( Three certificate Courses available)
  • Target the right audience:- ( Eight certificate courses available in this category)
  • Build Awareness:- ( Eight certificate course available)
  • Drive Consideration:- ( Nine certificate course available in this section)
  • Generate Leads:- ( Two Certificate Available)
  • Promote my apps:- ( Five certificate course available)
  • Increase online sales:- ( Six Certificate course available)
  • Increase in store sales:- ( Two certificate course available)
  • Choose formats :- ( Three certificate course available)
  • Get creative inspiration :- ( Ten certificate course available)
  • Manage Ads :- ( Two certificate course available)
  • Measure ad performance :- ( Six certificate course available)
  • Learn about Messenger :- ( Two certificate course available)
  • Learn about Instagram :- ( Nine certificate course available)
  • Distribute and Monetize Content :- ( Seven certificate course available)
Facebook free certificate online learning. and login to your Facebook Account
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