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Diversity of India

Diversity of India India is a diverse country ‘ There is a great difference between geographical states, residents and their cultures in its various parts. Some states are dry and dry like African deserts, so some pole states are as calm as the state. If there is excessive rainfall, then it is suddenly lacking. Seeing … Read moreDiversity of India

Indian Society, India Facts and india culture

Indian Society, India Facts and India culture The subject of emotional unity is very important in the present circumstances of India. This topic is attracting the attention of the well-wishers and patriots in the country as a national problem. Indeed it is said that the future of the country, the success of all its plans … Read moreIndian Society, India Facts and india culture

Magadh samrajye

Magadha Empire Magadh samrajye: Various changes were seen in the time of the Vedic period from 1500 BC to 600 BC. This change was constantly moving towards progress. The governance system was becoming sensible day by day. And the ruling classes were looking for different ways to protect society. After all, the time came when … Read moreMagadh samrajye

Bharat ka itihas

  History Of India Bharat ka itihas: Whatever information we get in the North Vedic period. His principal sources were Samved, Yajurveda, Atharvaveda, and Brahmanic texts. As time passed, the importance of agriculture increased during the Vedic period. Now people were living in a place to live. This was the time when regional states emerged. … Read moreBharat ka itihas

Vedic Period Civilization in hindi

Vedic Period Civilization in hindi वैदिक काल वैदिक सभ्यता के निर्माता आर्य थे। जहां 1750 ईसा पूर्व में सिंधु सभ्यता का पतन हुआ वहीं दूसरी तरफ 1500 ईसा पूर्व में वैदिक काल का प्रारंभ हो गया।  वैदिक काल को दो भागों में बांटा जाता है। ताकि, वैदिक काल का अध्ययन करने में आसानी हो। पहला … Read moreVedic Period Civilization in hindi

Indus valley Civilization

Indus Valley Civilization Indus Valley Civilization: The Indus Valley Civilization is a civilization that is the oldest civilization of India. This is why Indus Valley Civilization has its own historical significance. If history is discussed, then the earliest history of history is the Indus Civilization. Indus civilization, which is a very easy subject but till … Read moreIndus valley Civilization

parliament of india

parliament of India parliament of India: The work of the Parliament of India is done differently in different parts of the day because Parliament of India has a lot of work on the members of the Parliament, so for the purpose of fulfilling the task in a planned manner, a certain time was laid for … Read moreparliament of india

governor of india

governor of India governor of India: As we all know that Parliamentary system has been set up in both the union and state in India and thus the constitutional head of the lion is the president, the President gets power all over the country, but constitutional head The Governor is appointed by the President and … Read moregovernor of india

constitutional amendments

Constitution amendments Constitutional amendments: The constitution makers had previously anticipated that the constitution may have to be changed in the future at this time. This is the reason that the constitution makers created a flexible constitution and incorporated the process of amending the Constitution, its foresight Has introduced To change any act or to add … Read moreconstitutional amendments